E-Bicycles and E-Bikes are already showing the way towards the future of short distance commuting, which is also going to face a huge competition within local & global markets with respect to EV manufacturers. We at Waaree ESS with our LION series of portable and rechargeable lithium battery packs are providing a cutting edge technology to break the competition code while providing a competency at core power source of an E-bicycle and an E-bike.


E-Forklift’s plays a crucial role when you need to manage an inventory in a warehouse or for other applications, and making them run efficiently ensures an upright supply chain for any industry handling warehouse inventory management. With our LION series batteries you get excellent recharge acceptance and superfast charge/large discharge performance. This will help you reduce your lag time and hence resulting in more productivity cycle per charge/discharge cycle.


E-rickshaws have completely revolutionized the last mile commuting, in terms of giving a chance for a sustainable and better income to the drivers, reducing carbon footprint, and many other benefits. We have stepped in to make this business more sustainable by giving a technical competency with our LION series batteries where you get a robust design which increases overall vehicles reliability. LION series batteries provide you with excellent recharge acceptance and superfast charge/large discharge performance which increase the run time of an E-Rickshaw per day which in turn is directly proportional to reducing carbon footprint and increasing Drivers income.


Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) is an important technology option for reliably integrating a large proportion of VRE into large power grids. A number of countries are evaluating BESS as part of their RE strategies. Renewable energy like wind and solar power are increasingly being applied in grid and micro-grid applications. WAAREE ESS offers total energy storage solutions include energy power station, commercial ESS, and Street Lamp System. With our LIGER series you get a higher energy density and modular installation.


Telecom tower operators currently use diesel generators, batteries, and a variety of power management equipment to address the demand-supply gap. The telecom tower industry in India is estimated to consume over 2.5 billion litres of diesel. WAAREE ESS offers a variety of high quality battery for telecommunication market. Our products are used for a wide range of telecom applications, like stable grid, unstable grid, hybrid system, and indoor, outdoor, high temperature etc. Our LIGER series LYNX range fits perfect where there’s a requirement of outstanding cycle performance and longer service life for higher temperature.