BSE Filing
Regulation 30_Clarification on Media Steam
BM Intimation
Clause 40 (9) Report
Compliance Certificate Reg 7(3)
Trading Window Closure
IG Report
AGM notice
Outcome of Postal Ballot
Postal Ballot Notice 03.07.2021
Intimation of board meeting 26.05.2021
Allotment of Bonus Shares_05.11.2020
Outcome of Board meeting held on 05.11.2020
Intimation of board meeting 24.10.2020
Notice of 7th AGM to be held on 30.09.2020
Outcome of AGM_30.09.2020
Voting Result of AGM_30.09.2020
Outcome of BM 05.09.2020
Notice of Book Closure 2020
Notice of 7th AGM_2020
Newspaper Advertisement for AGM, E voting and Book Closure
Proceeding of AGM_2020
Voting Result and Scrutiniser Report for AGM_2020
Outcome of Board Meeting 18.06.2020
Notice of Board meeting 18.06.2020
Proceedings of EGM held on 06-02-2020
Voting result of EGM held on 06-02-2020
Notice of EOGM to be held on February-06,2020
Notice of BM 12.11.2019
Proceedings of 06th AGM
Voting Results of 06th AGM
Publication-of-Notice of AGM to be held on 10.09.2019 in newspaper
Outcome of BM held on 30.07.2019
Notice of Book Closure
Outcome of the BM held on 14.05.2019
Notice of BM_14.05.2019
Clause 40 (9) March 2018
Clause 40 (9)- September 2017
Clause 40 (9) March 2017
Clause 40 (9) September 2016
Clause 40(9) Half Year March 2016
Clause 55A- March 2018
Clause 55A- December 2017
Clause 55A- September 2017
Clause 55A- June 2017
Clause 55A June 2016
Clause 55A March 2016
Clause 55A December 2015
Clause 55A September 2015
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