Quality Control and Testing

Raw Material Incoming Testing

BMS Testing Machine

Testing machine check all the parameters like upper cut off voltage, lower cut off voltage, release current, release voltage, cell balancing, cell balancing, temperature protection.

Cell Capacity Testing Machine

Cell capacity test machine is to check cell capacity for prismatic cell to Sort them with the same group of voltage capacity.

In Line Quality Control: Final Charging & Discharging Test

100% Final Charging & Discharging test done on battery packs to ensure the functioning of the battery packs

Battery Capacity Testing Machine

Battery capacity testing machine ensure the capacity of battery packs. It has 16 channels capacity to test battery.

Charging & Discharging Machine

Cell charging discharging machine has 512 channels, means it can charge and discharge 512 cells at the same time and also check the capacity of all the cells.

Test Facilities As Per Un 38.3/is 16046

Battery Thermal Shock Tester

Ability to withstand the effect of Thermal Shock

Battery Combustion Testing Machine

Ability to withstand the fire/combustion

Battery Acupuncture Testing Machine

Ability to withstand the effect of any puncture due to harsh environment and misuse of battery packs.

Programmable Thermal Cycle Chamber

Ability to withstand with the effect of humidity & temperature of the environment

Horizontal Rain Test Machine

Ability to withstand the effect of rain & water ingression

Battery Drop Test Machine

Ability of battery packs from the drop of 1 m height